Congressman Wittman Wins Final Debate
Rashid Admits He Cannot Point to Bipartisan Solutions

Fredericksburg, VA – Yesterday, Congressman Rob Wittman (R, VA-01) decisively won the final candidate debate by standing on his proven record of delivering results for the people of the First District and outlining his priorities to keep us moving forward. In stark contrast, his opponent, Qasim Rashid, stunningly admitted that bipartisanship was not important to his campaign, which has focused instead on his long list of far-left priorities and goal of joining the group of extreme lawmakers known as “The Squad.”

When asked a direct question, Rashid was at a loss for words and failed to name a single bipartisan issue he would make a priority in Washington. See his direct answer to the question for yourself by clicking here.

The debate was sponsored by the University of Mary Washington College Republicans, Young Democrats, and Student Government Association.

“I want to thank the University of Mary Washington for hosting this debate and to the First District constituents who tuned in on Monday evening to hear what I believe is the right path forward,” Wittman said. “The honor to serve in public office has afforded me the unique opportunity to not only lead, but also to listen to the concerns and challenges faced by members of our community every day and work hard towards getting things done. These challenges require real, bipartisan solutions that are both pragmatic and inspired.”

“When I called upon my opponent to state where he and I could come together in agreement on a bipartisan issue, he failed to offer even one single answer. Instead, he deflected from his hard-left agenda by sinking again to the slander and mudslinging which have become the defining hallmark of his false and negative campaign. I have time and time again told my opponent that neither I – nor anyone on my staff – have ever accused him of ties to Islamic Terrorism. I call upon the press to fact check his bogus claim and set the record straight.” Click here to view the Wittman TV ad referenced.

“I am disappointed that my opponent has stooped to the nastiest kind of dishonest, gutter politics instead of focusing on the issues that matter to our district. I am proud of my bipartisan record of getting things done,” added Wittman. “Virginians need leadership laser focused on fixing problems, not picking petty partisan fights. From now until Election Day, I’ll be running on what matters: my record.” Click here for a full list of bipartisan accomplishments from the 116th Session of Congress alone.

Wittman concluded, “It has been an honor and privilege working for the people of the First District and I humbly ask again for their vote on Tuesday, November 3.”